Our Services

Private Chef Dinners

Prices starting at $75 per person
Culinary innovation, passion and an attention to detail helps to create exemplary dining experiences not found with other private chefs. A multi-course tasting menu creates a culinary journey with an emphasis on techniques, quality, and presentation. Menus are designed to be surprising yet approachable by offering combinations of flavors both familiar and unexpected.

Cooking Classes

Starting at $50 per person
We do cooking classes right in your home. We can help people understand the basics or do complex classes on classic cooking techniques or the latest cooking trends.
Price includes all ingredients

Truly Special Events

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High quality small-batch preparation with unique menus and outside the box setup helps to differentiate The Hunger Special Events. We personalize each event to meet our client's needs, the event's theme and location requirements. We bring a seasoned team to each event.